My husband doubt that our daughter might not be his own, so he wants a test to check if I’m her biological mom.

The lady’s husband wasn’t sure if their baby daughter was really his, thinking she might not be biologically related to them. The mom felt really sad, but things changed when she investigated further and found out what caused the misunderstanding.

A post on Reddit’s “Best of Redditor Updates” got popular, showing why it’s bad to judge quickly without checking facts, as shared by Redditor Ok-Replacement7697. They reposted a story from someone who just had a baby.

The mom using the username u/Nectarine-Power shared that her husband questioned if their baby was really hers. But things changed when she looked into it and figured out why he thought that.

Before explaining her problem, she described her newborn, who had grayish-brown eyes, dark brown hair, and a darker skin tone. In comparison, she had red hair and blue eyes, while her husband had blonde hair and blue eyes.

The person who posted (OP) said her family had dark brown hair and brown eyes, and her red hair came from a genetic change. She thought it was important because her husband, who was studying for a Ph.D., didn’t really get genetics.

“Some people thought the husband might be making it up to leave her.”

Trouble began when the person posting (OP)’s husband thought their baby wasn’t really his because of her darker skin. He started wondering if something was off with her dad’s side of the family.

OP said she wouldn’t mind if her husband wanted a test to check their baby’s dad. She was okay with it to keep things calm. But it got weird when he asked her to take a test for being the mom too.

That’s when OP got really upset. She tried explaining, even asked if he thought she had someone else’s baby, but he ignored it.

OP got really confused when she couldn’t make her husband understand genetics, especially because he’s a smart software engineer.

Feeling stuck, she asked for help on Reddit. After people read her story there, they jumped in to share their thoughts and figure out where her husband might have misunderstood.

A person on Reddit, dreamersdisplay, said, “Babies’ eyes change color as they grow.” Someone else, mooseblood07, agreed.

” that hair color can also change. They shared how they and their older brother were very blonde in the first few years but now have brown hair.”

In the conversation, folks talked about their own experiences with hair, going from dark brown and curly to blonde and straight, showing how genetics can be surprising.

At the same time, some thought OP’s husband might be making it all up just to break up with her. Redditor Whatsfordinner4 asked, “Could he be purposely doing this so you leave, not just being ignorant?

Later, OP shared more and said her husband was facing postpartum depression. She thought his uncertainty came from the stress of having a baby. After the situation, he started therapy, and OP hoped it would help him see their daughter differently.

She clarified that ” He’s not foolish or cheating, just going through a tough time.”

Other Online Users’ Comments on the Incident

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