My mother-in-law wants me to pay for everyone because I ordered a big steak.

At a family dinner, a thin woman who loves to eat got scolded by her mother-in-law for eating too much. She didn’t want to pay the whole bill like her mother-in-law wanted.

People vary in how their bodies work, their lifestyle, and overall health. Just because someone is thinner doesn’t mean they eat less, as these differences can affect weight.

No matter your size, getting criticized by others can happen. Sadly, a woman faced this with her mother-in-law. When she suddenly ate a lot more than usual during family meals, it caused problems.

A 27-year-old woman, who didn’t reveal her name, went on Reddit to tell her story and ask for advice. She comes from a family with fast metabolisms, and her job with horses keeps her active, burning lots of calories. Even though she eats big meals to stay energized for work, she can’t control her slim figure.

The woman didn’t talk about being worried about her size. But, she mentioned that her mother-in-law keeps an eye on what she eats. She’s been married for four years to a guy she knew for over six years when they got married. Unfortunately, things aren’t great between her and her mother-in-law.

Dinner with the In-Laws

One night, the woman’s in-laws asked her and her husband to dinner. By the time evening arrived, she was really hungry. Her busy schedule meant her last meal was at 6 in the morning, and she didn’t have any snacks during the day.

Usually, she takes a small bite before meeting her mother-in-law to avoid comments, but she couldn’t this time. Because she was hungry, she ordered a big steak meant for two people, and it came with prawns, bacon, and two other side dishes.

Even though it was a dish for two, it wasn’t the priciest thing on the menu. The woman knew she and her husband would split the bill, so she felt fine ordering it.

Now, what her mother-in-law said.

“My mother-in-law began saying I shouldn’t order more than I can eat, mentioning even her husband couldn’t finish the dish, especially someone my size,” the woman shared. But, she just smiled and said she’d take home any leftovers.

Since she was really hungry, the woman ate her food quickly and waited for dessert. Then, her mother-in-law got upset, saying the woman was “showing off” and seeking attention.

The mother-in-law said a woman of her size shouldn’t eat so much, making others uncomfortable. She insisted the daughter-in-law and son pay the whole bill because she didn’t want to spend that much. The woman shared:

“I told her we’re not paying the whole bill because we were supposed to split it evenly. I also pointed out the pricey dishes she ordered, including her starter, which were more expensive than my steak.”

Even though the dinner didn’t go well, the woman’s husband supported her and understood her perspective. However, his family would drop subtle hints on social media and send her articles about eating too much.

Many people on Reddit supported the woman’s post. Someone even wished she’d take the last bite of her steak while staring at her mother-in-law.

Another person on Reddit recommended that the bills should be separate, based on what each person ordered.

“I wouldn’t dine with someone who tries to control what I eat and expects me to order less, leaving me to cover the cost of their pricey dishes,” the individual commented.

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