Nike Just Launched A Cinderella Sneaker, And You’ll Never Have To Wear Heels Again

Good news, ladies, dreams really do come true. If you’ve always wanted to feel like a princess at a ball, now is your chance.

Nike has finally released a pair of sneakers that are based off of Disney’s most classic princess: Cinderella. Best of all, these shoes put glass slippers to shame when it comes to both comfort and glam.

This modern-day fairy tale is finally coming to life.

At long last, we can all finally live out our dreams of being Disney princesses — with dope kicks.

These Cinderellainspired sneakers are available online as of July 1st.

They’re officially called the Nike Air Force 1 Upstep HI LX, and they’re definitely fit for a princess. I bet Cinderella’s fairy godmother is livid that she didn’t think of these first.

It’s time to ditch those uncomfortable heels and go out in style.

Our prayers have been answered, ladies. The days of looking like Bambi on ice and limping home from a night out are finally over.

Did I mention that they sparkle?

They’re completely covered in pastel pink and baby blue iridescent sequins. In just the right light, these shimmering high tops give the illusion of a glass slipper.

You know our girl Cindy would’ve been so into those sequins.

As a kid, these shoes would’ve been at the top of my Christmas list.

She especially would have loved the non-slip feature.

Unlike her glass slippers, those Nike high tops aren’t falling off no matter how close it is to midnight.

Let’s be honest, those glass slippers were seriously impractical.

They had a high risk of shattering, and I can only imagine the blisters. So not glamorous.

These new Nikes, on the other hand, would be great for a quick getaway.

These shoes would definitely come in handy for making an escape from any wannabe Prince Charmings.

There’s no way any princess could leave these sneakers behind.

Those pastel sequins will make you feel like a princess in any outfit. Imagine how cute they’d look with a white dress and how fab you’d look at the gym in these.

They’re perfect for every occasion if you’re as extra as I am.

Would you wear these new Nike kicks to the ball?