Nothing Worse Than Having Mice In Your Home! Take Note Of These 5 Home Remedies And Get Rid Of Them Forever!

There are many people that are afraid and usually they scream when they see a mouse.
However, even if you are not scared at all, the thought of a mouse walking in your home or going through your stuff is revolting.

Rats, mice and many other insects are also really dangerous and they can bring some serious illness into your home, so that is the main reason you should definitely get rid of them as soon as possible. The following five techniques in this short article will help you to quickly eliminate them from your home.

First method
Cats can be the best solution for getting rid of mice. They can successfully hunt them and find them very quickly. Cats usually have nocturnal habits and they will be really useful in solving this problem.

Second method
You can use soft drinks in order to remove mice. These drinks are harmful and deadly for the mice due to the fact that they contain gas. You just need to put a soda in a bowl and place it in the areas where you know rodents can appear. After a few days, you will find them dead and your home will be devoid of mice.

Third method
The plaster of Paris can also help you to effectively get rid of mice. You just need to put a particle of Paris plaster and flour in a dish. Then, add one tablespoon of salt and place this container at all the places where you have detected mice, next to another dish with water. The mixture of salt and flour will lure the mice, once they taste the water and plaster of Paris, they will be dead.

Forth method
You can also use chocolate powder in order to remove the mice. You just need to make a mix of cocoa and flour and plaster of Paris combined with water. They will consume this mixture after lots of dry elements and this will cause the plaster to harden and the mice will be dead.

Fifth method
Finally you can use a method that does not kill the mice but keeps them away. Place cayenne pepper in a bowl or sprinkle with cayenne pepper in corners. You can also place cloves in the cupboards to keep them away.


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