Nowadays, people don’t know what they are, but do you remember?

The smart things of the past become increasingly out of date as technology rapidly advances, making our lives appear to be getting easier by the minute. From how we listen to music to how we get from A to B, this seems to be true in almost every aspect of our lives. Yes, everything changes.

It makes certain “technology” of the past seem like a distant memory, making it impossible for future generations to guess what we once valued. Like the tiny “coins”.

But are you aware of their purpose?

If you are over a certain age and are reading this, you may be familiar with their definition. It is accurate to say that these are the “needle threaders” that were a household item.

Do you remember when sewing was taught to young girls? These little guys assisted in threading the needle’s eye.

A pincushion, a needle, a tape measure, scissors, and one of these were all part of each sewing kit.

Although I can’t say that I was very effective with them, I do recall that my mother showed me how to use them. You were it.

More trivia: Do you remember what they are? Here are some more. If you can identify them, post them in your Facebook comments—I immediately recognized them, too. Ugh, does that indicate my age? 🙂

The majority of my friends will also be unfamiliar with these three additional items.

  1. Spout for oil can opener

Tin tube serves as the material for these conventional openers, which are made to open turbine engine oil cans.

Oil tubes resembled shovels and had a triangular piece of metal in the middle when they were sold in cans rather than plastic bottles in the past.

  1. Church keys

In my day, you had to get them before you turned them away or took them away. These sharp tools could puncture soft drinks and beer with their sharp tips!

  1. Record adapters

What is it? These cool tools were used when you put the wrong size record on your turntable so that you could fit it with one of these adapters, although it probably looks more like a kids’ frisbee.

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