Nurse who thought she had appendicitis gives birth at home after tough 12-hour shift

A nurse in Sunderland, UK, who thought she was suffering from appendicitis was shocked when she delivered a baby daughter at home after a 12-hour shift.

As per Metro, 31-year-old Emma Hindmarsh had no idea she was pregnant when she began to feel ill after an exhausting day in the complex care unit of the hospital where she works.

Her pains got worse at home, and so Emma called for an ambulance. Yet before paramedics could arrive, she’d had delivered a baby girl with the help of her husband Daniel. They named her Isabelle.

Such an amazing surprise, congratulations again Emma Hindmarsh and Daniel Hindmarsh she is gorgeous xx

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The baby, weighing 5lb 8oz, was thought to have arrived five weeks early, but both her and Emma are doing well.

“She’s here and she’s tiny but perfect and I don’t think it mattered what happened, she was coming into the world at that time,” Emma, who also has a son with her husband, said.

“Something didn’t feel right and I thought it could be my appendix because the pain was really sharp.

“We spoke to 111 and they agreed that was possible and they did an assessment, to see if we could save going to hospital under the current circumstances.

“That’s when I rang mam to say we were waiting for an ambulance and could she come and look after Oliver. Then the pains got worse and I was lying down on the bed when my waters broke.

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“That’s when Isabelle started to appear and Daniel could see her head and my mam shouted that I needed to really push. I never dreamed I would be walking out to the ambulance carrying a baby.”

What’s more, Emma says she experienced no symptoms of pregnancy whilst pregnant with Isabelle.

She said: “I had no pregnancy symptoms, I didn’t have any morning sickness, cravings, hadn’t gone off anything and I was still in my normal clothes, which were a little bit tight, but I thought that was through the lockdown and have been eating a bit more.”

Doctors, meanwhile, suggested that the position of the placenta may have hidden feelings of Isabelle’s movement from her mom.

“It’s totally surreal, but the most amazing surprise,” Emma said. “I can’t put into words how it feels. It’s just so lovely that she’s ours and we literally didn’t have anything, not even a baby grow.”

Wow! What a gift unto the world, and what an unexpected yet beautiful surprise for Emma and Daniel!

I think all babes are a gift from the Lord, and little baby Isabella is no doubt a welcome addition to this little family.

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