Nurses in Denver silently counterprotested folks breaking stay-at-home orders

The coronavirus pandemic has meant serious change to millions of Americans.

Due in no small part to the stay-at-home orders issued by government officials, now is a time where most of us are cooped up, unable to work and forced to adapt.

It’s frustrating, I get it. You want to work, I get it. You’re even inclined to take small risks in going out so you can have some semblance of normality in your life … I get it.

But what I get doesn’t matter, because the fact is that re-opening the United States before it’s safe to do so is dangerous. COVID-19 isn’t a conspiracy theory, despite what some tin-foil hat wearers will tell you, it isn’t a game and it certainly isn’t to be taken lightly.

Even so, thousands have started to protest the very stay-at-home orders issued to keep people safe. The past few days have seen plenty of these ‘protests’, often organized and attended by people who can’t see that their selfishness is a threat to us all.

Medical staff in Denver, Colorado had a brilliant response to one such protest – a counterprotest designed to ensure the sanctity of public health.

As per The Evening Standard, a team of medical staff took to the streets to counterprotest the hundreds of people who had gathered in Denver on Sunday as part of the so-called “Operation Gridlock”. Their aim was to strike out at Governor Jared Polis’ stay-at-home order, which is currently set to expire on April 26.

The individuals did all they could to cause a fuss, including honking their horns, sitting in their vehicles and waving banners from their windows.

The medical staff, however, had the last laugh. Dressed in scrubs and face masks, they stood on the pedestrian crossing to send a message out. They’re working on the frontlines of the battle against coronavirus, so they know how dangerous it is.

Some of the protestors resorted to aggression, because nothing says “I know more than medical experts” than screaming in someone else’s face. One particular instance saw an Asian nurse confronted by a protestor who, while holding a “land of the free” banner, yelled: “Go to China if you want communism. You can go to work why can’t I go to work.”

For their part, the nurses remained cool, calm and collected, just like the heroes they really are.

I don’t understand how people can’t get it through their selfish heads that these stay-at-home measures are for the betterment of everyone. We’re not doing this because it’s 2020’s greatest hobby, we’re doing it to save lives.

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