On a Sonogram, A Pregnant Woman observes an Angel kissing her Unborn Child.

Shantel Carrillo shared a Picture of an ultrasound Image of her unborn child on her Social Media Profiles five months into her pregnancy. In the comments section, some people praised her, but others noticed something odd: On the photo, it appears as though the baby is being kissed. She told Inside Edition that when she got a closer look, it took her breath away. She noticed that the angel kissing her baby looked familiar when she looked at the picture. It wasn’t even a question after closer inspection. Her deceased father was the culprit. Sincerely, it felt like a punch to the chest. Wow, that was awesome to see. Carrillo commented, “It’s nice to look at and it tells a great story.” She grabbed her father’s old photo of her and her first daughter right away.

Incredible similarities exist between the images. It is evident from the video below that the images are nearly identical. “It features my father’s nose, chubby cheeks, and slight double chin, and he was wearing his usual hat.” She stated to Fox5 “that the lips are perfectly touching each other and appear to be the tip of the hat.”

In 2016, Carrillo’s father suffered a heart attack and died. However, the daughter is now confident that his spirit is keeping an eye on them. She responded, “Yes, I do believe my father is in that ultrasound. If you knew my dad, you would know that he adored being the center of attention. I get the impression that he is supervising my new daughter. It is simply beautiful.”