Beware! Painkillers Can Help You and Your Doctor Die Soon

Painkiller abuse kills a huge number of Americans each year and it will not be an exaggeration if I’d say Americans have got into some real love affair with painkillers because that’s what the news show. However, things get nasty when doctors become irresponsible and start prescribing the excessive dosage of opiates leading to their patient’s death. This is the most horrible thing that can happen to a patient putting his/her whole trust over a physician. But that’s what just happened in Oklahoma, a state of United States.

An Oklahoma doctor, Regan Nichols has been charged with murder after prescribing excessive dosage to her client who just died after her huge blunder.

Can painkillers Really Kill You?

Any medicine that is overdosed cast wider side effects so do the painkillers. People even get addicted to painkillers and they usually require serious therapies to come out of the painkiller abuse caused even with the minor doses.

Painkillers usually interact with the opioids receptors in the brain and cause serious damages to the overall health. When they hit their opioid receptors, they hinder the GABA secretion that promotes the dopamine secretion along with controlling various other neurotransmitters. However, these disturbances make your system relaxed no matter if it is the muscle of your Iris or the muscles in the extremities. And that can cause your body slightly jerk. More of, painkillers also reduces your ability to control your body movements and timely reactions to environmental or physical stimuli causing serious damages to your health. More of, it can increase the heart disease chances and can make your muscles weaker than ever. Nausea, vomiting, sleepiness and loss of control are common practices observed in the painkiller abused people.

Alarmingly, if you’re driving with painkillers stuff in your blood, you can be sentenced to jail for straight 10 years and a lifetime loss of driving privilege.

And think if you’ve done this to someone who trusts you for his/her betterment? Just like Dr. Nichols did?

What’s Doctor Nichols’s Story?

Well, she just prescribed an alarmingly excessive dosage to her patients causing five of them die straight at the moment. Three of them were prescribed a dangerous combination of some specific narcotic opioid pain relievers, muscle relaxers and anti-anxiety drugs and this combination is known as “cocktail” and “holy trinity” among people who are painkillers addict.

Well, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the state’s authorities have already concluded that Dr. Nichols actually prescribed 3 million prescription pills just in the timespan of 4 years.

Upon asking about the charge, Nichols stated that she believed that patients had already developed the tolerance and they weren’t willing to wait for several months to let the medication work and she had to do it.

Can you even justify it?

Please beware of taking painkillers even taking a prescription of them from reputed physicians. Even the minor dose can hurt you so bad to leave you in the lurch until you die.

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