Her parents look at the old photograph and freeze – what they see can’t be possible.

Most parents take great delight in listening to their children tell stories about magical worlds and imaginary friends. There’s usually little cause for concern, as parents don’t fully buy into what their kids are saying.

But in the case of Joey Verwey, the tales she was supposedly dreaming up were far from ordinary.

Aged just three, the young girl from South Africa would tell her parents stories from “a time before.” By that she was referring to events that had happened to her in previous lives; Joey remembered things that weren’t possible for a young child to know. Her parents were left feeling concerned by what they were hearing.

When she was five, Joey received regular visits from professors and journalists whose initial skepticism soon turned into utter astonishment upon hearing her tales. She could remember 10 previous lives and was happy to talk about the things she’d seen and done “back then.”

In her first life, she recalled living as a cave dweller many thousands of years ago. She was able to describe in great detail where her home cave was located, leading investigators to an actual cave group where people had lived in prehistoric times.

In another incarnation, Joey claimed to have lived as a slave in ancient Egypt, describing the galleys and road building techniques from this time in precise detail. She had lived another life as a persecuted Christian in the 1st century and may have even met Saint Peter.

In the early 20th century, she claimed to have been the granddaughter of Paul Kruger, the President of the South African Republic until 1902.

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