Peanut Butter Test – The Easiest Way To Detect Early Alzheimer’s. Everyone Must Watch This!

Alzheimer’s disease is a disorder that may cause brain cells to get wasted away and die later. For this, the patient may suffer from a decline in thinking, social skills, and overall behavior.

peanut butter alzheimers test
peanut butter alzheimers test

At an early stage, a simple sign could forget recent events and conversations. In the latter stages, an Alzheimer’s patient would develop severe memory impairment, and they might even lose the ability to carry every day’s task. 

peanut butter alzheimers test
Doctor using finger to hold a brain model with both hands in concept of taking care the brain

Medications may slow down the process, or rather improve the symptoms temporarily. However, there is no such treatment to cure Alzheimer’s disease.

Peanut Butter Test – The Easiest Way To Detect Early Alzheimer’s. Everyone Must Watch This!

Peanut Butter Test – The Easiest Way To Detect Early Alzheimer’s. Everyone Must Watch This!

Especially in the later stages, complications increase, and the condition may even cause death. It’s because of dehydration, malnutrition, or some infection.

peanut butter alzheimers test
peanut butter alzheimers test


  1. Memory loss.
  2. Causes difficulty in thinking and reasoning.
  3. Lack of ability to make judgments and decisions.
  4. Struggle in performing and planning familiar tasks.
  5. Changes in personality and behavior leading to Depression, Apathy, Social withdrawal, Mood swings, Distrust in others, Irritability and aggressiveness, Changes in sleeping habits, Wandering, Loss of inhibitions or even Delusions, such as believing something is stolen or missing.

peanut butter alzheimers test
peanut butter alzheimers test


 Some common reasons for Alzheimer’s are because of the combination of genetics, lifestyle, and overall environment factors affecting the brain cells.

  1. Aging: Well, once you reach a certain age of 50, that is when all the process of the body slows down.
  2. Family history and genetics: Often, genetics and family history places a more prominent role in your diseases.
  3. Down syndromes: It relates to chromosomes, and it is also genetic.
  4. Mild cognitive impairment: It means merely a decline in memory and thinking ability. 
  5. Past head trauma: People who get ahead of injury for stress or any other issue have a higher risk of Alzheimer’s 
  6. Poor sleep pattern: As the word suggests, poor sleeping patterns can also change the ability of brain cells.
  7. Lifestyle and heart health: Overall lifestyle with lack of exercise or having oily food. 
  8. Lack of exercise: No exercise leads to diseases.
  9. Obesity: Being obese also leads to conditions.
  10. Smoking or exposure to secondhand smoke: Let it be active or passive smoking. It leads to lung cancer and even diseases related to the brain.
  11. High blood pressure: One should regularly check if they have high blood pressure.
  12. High cholesterol: One should check if they have high cholesterol and should avoid eating unhealthy.
  13. Poorly controlled type 2 diabetes: Not taking medicines regularly or not going to check up regularly will lead to this.

peanut butter alzheimers test
peanut butter alzheimers test


Alzheimer’s can be prevented by doing these things regularly and overall changing your lifestyle.

  1. Regular exercise – According to the survey, the best way to prevent this disease is to regular do physical exercise.
  2. Quit on smoking – The continuous smoking can lead to improper circulation of blood towards brain which may lead to Alzheimer’s disease. The best way is to prevent smoking which helps in proper flow of blood towards brain.
  3. Manage any diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, etc. with the improved lifestyle and eating habits.
  4. Eat healthy leafy meals to maintain a healhty lifestyle.
  5. Good amount of sleep – It helps to remove toxins from the brain preventing from disease. 
  6. Management of Stress – Should manage stress properly which may shrink your memory area leading to Alzheimer disease.

Some ways to detect Alzheimer’s disease at an early stage are by the peanut butter test.


Peanut butter smell test is an easy way to find out whether the patient has Alzheimer’s disease.

The researchers ask each patient to close their eyes, one nostril, and their mouth. Then they open a little container that has peanut butter in it. Then, they move upward towards the nose and until the patient can smell the butter. After measuring the distance, they wait for 1.5 to 2 minutes and repeat the process with another nostril of the patient. And the result of the research are:

peanut butter alzheimers test
peanut butter alzheimers test

Patients who have Alzheimer’s disease, well, in that case, researchers needed to move the container of peanut butter to an average of 10 centimeters away from the right nostrils than to the left nostrils. Alzheimer’s diseases always start with the shrinkage of the left side of our brains. This can be depicted with the peanut butter Alzheimer’s test.

It is like a diagnostic test that is also cheap. It is planned to study the patient suffering from mild cognitive impairment (MCI) to predict whether the patient has Alzheimer’s disease.

Well, the question still lies if the peanut butter test can depict if the person has Alzheimer’s disease. But, even until now, nothing is accurate. Well, it’s a relatively easy way to find out if the person has Alzheimer’s or not. Medical tests are costly. Well, we believe that this test is not so accurate as the left side of the brain is affected first, and it can be an easy way to find out if the person is suffering from the disease or not, but it is not scientifically proven.

Also, in 2014, a study was published, which was about left-right asymmetry in nasal function, and there is no such evidence of proof.

One of the most accurate tests for early diagnosis is an amyloid PET scan or spinal tap test. However, such an analysis is not only expensive but also uncomfortable. Most of the time, they are not available in certain countries or states.

We all wish for an inexpensive and accurate way to detect Alzheimer’s disease in humans. Because a single PET scan could cost anywhere around four lakhs to 5 lakhs, early stage detection would help in the treatment process. It will make sure that a lot of memory loss is not made. Also, it is a better way to prevent future failures. Also, we suggest that you stay calm in such a situation and don’t act differently with the patient. Instead, bring small changes in the patient’s lifestyle to make sure that they can slow down the process of brain damage or memory loss. Go for regular checkups and have a balanced and a healthy diet. Exercise regularly and drink enough water to make sure the body is hydrated. Also have medicines on time


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Peanut Butter Test – The Easiest Way To Detect Early Alzheimer’s. Everyone Must Watch This!

Peanut Butter Test – The Easiest Way To Detect Early Alzheimer’s. Everyone Must Watch This!

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