People All Over Are Putting Butter In Their Coffee, Here’s How It Can Actually Save Your Life

You may already be aware, but there is a new trend going around that involves everyone’s morning routine – at least for coffee drinkers. Millions of people drink coffee every day in America – and a lot of them have more than one cup (I’m on my third as I write this). If you’re one of those people who puts cream and sugar in their coffee, or maybe milk, then you need to discover the reasons why butter is better. Not only does it give you that creamy taste you already love in your coffee, it has other benefits. Let’s learn more about the popular trend of putting butter in your morning coffee.

When adding butter to your coffee, there is only one kind of fat that you should use – grass-fed butter. In stores, the most common one that you may find is called Kerrygold – which hails from Ireland. This European butter is not only delicious and high quality, it is a healthier choice.

Many American cows are fed soy and corn because it is cheap. But what cow eats these grains naturally – none. Cows are supposed to graze on grass in a wide-open field. So when cows are given a grass-fed diet, the milk and meat they produce is much healthier and more natural. It’s just common sense.

Cows that are fed soy and corn produce fats that are not good for your body. Why? Because they don’t fully digest the corn and soy. But grass-fed cows easily digest their diet and produce the best milk and beef. That’s why you want butter produced from grass-fed cows.

With that cleared up, you should add grass-fed butter to your coffee because it gives you the fats that help regulate your cholesterol levels. These butters have a balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and provide ample amounts of vitamin K. These all reduce your risk of heart disease.

The grass-fed butter also gives your brain a boost. The healthy fats create stronger cell walls and hormones. These have even been shown to help reduce your risk of neurodegenerative diseases like dementia. Plus, you’ll have more efficient energy expenditure.

When you add the grass-fed butter to your morning, your body will be better prepared to burn fat throughout the day. This will help you achieve your weight loss goals. This has been shown to be particularly effective for people who are overweight. While eating butter alone won’t help you shed the pounds, it can help you get on the right track to achieving the look you want.

With a boost in cognitive function, you’ll be more effective throughout the day. Who wouldn’t want that? This can even help your body create energy from fat rather than carbohydrates, which helps you lose weight.

Ad just two tablespoons of grass-fed butter into your morning coffee. This could even help you replace an entire meal. You’ll get essential nutrients and calories without a lot of carbohydrates that go unused and get stored as fat in your belly or thighs.

Are you ready to add grass-fed butter to your coffee?

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