Pink Invites War Veteran On Stage For Duet. Reveals His Identity And The Crowd Goes Wild

When famous artist Pink took the stage, her fans were in for a real treat when she announced a special guest in the audience. A Vietnam veteran was in the crowd, and ready to join the talented woman on stage. When she announced that it was her dad, the audience went crazy.

Her father Jim Moore was in the audience, and was ready to take the stage with his talented child. While serving in Vietnam, he wrote the song “I Have Seen The Rain.” Little did he realize at the time, 40 years later he’d be performing the hit with his famous daughter on stage. The audience was mesmerized hearing the duo perform.

According to Pink, her father is responsible for getting her to the level of fame she is at today – thanks to his unconditional support. Bringing him on stage to join her brought their story full circle, and the audience was absolutely loving the show. It becomes very clear very fast that talented genes run in the family! Watch the beautiful duet for yourself in the video below.


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