All our lives we have heard that every living being plays a role on our planet and comes to perform a specific function; But when we see insects like cockroaches, spiders or similar vermin appear in the corners of our house, we tend to put aside all thoughts of what should be and we are prepared to eliminate them at all costs.

We know that they have existed since the world is a world and that they are to establish an important balance in nature, but although we know that we will not exterminate them completely at least we want to have the peace of mind that they do not become a plague within our homes affecting Our lives and that of our family.

Always respectful of nature, we look for ways to keep these undesirable insects away from us and our houses without disturbing that sensitive balance that implies an ecosystem in which we all must be included.

But as we do not want to have any of these bugs poking between our food or mixing between our clothes or shoes, today we are going to share with you a totally natural and absolutely harmless repellent that will keep the insects away, our homes protected and all this Without altering the natural balance a bit.

It is mint, an aromatic herb very widespread when it comes to preparing smoothies, ice cream, and desserts. Since always the mint has intervened in the culinary art contributing intense flavor and its characteristic aroma. And it is precisely this scent that makes these insects stay at a distance.

The fresh fragrance of mint can be very attractive to humans, in addition to its medicinal and healing properties, but the insects find it extremely unpleasant and precisely use this resource in the manufacture of a natural insecticide.

Put in a container about 1 liter of water and boil several mint leaves until a well-concentrated infusion is obtained. Once it has boiled for a few minutes, strain it and let it cool.

Place this liquid in a spray bottle and spray in corners where you have detected the presence of insects, as well as in window frames and doors, baseboards, grilles, and cupboards.

This natural insecticide is not only ecological, because it does not contain any kind of chemical that can affect the health of people or pets, but at the same time will impregnate the environments with a refreshing aroma such as that of mint always so accepted By all.

Try this homemade and effective insect repellent.