He was playing hide-and-seek with the nanny. Five minutes later he was plunging to his death.

Lory del Santo was the proud mother of a 4-year-old boy and their life together was like something from a fairy tale. But on the happiest day of her little son’s life, fate struck mercilessly. You might not know it, but you’ve probably shed many a tear over how his father handled the tragedy.

In 1985, the Italian model Lory met a dashing English man. It turned out later that he was a famous musician who was visiting Milan while on tour. They fell in love and began a relationship.

Some months later Lory learned she was pregnant. She was ecstatic, because she had always wished for a child and believed that the same was true for her boyfriend. Full of joy, she told him the news, but he didn’t react as she hoped he would. He was not ready for a baby and the two separated in the end. Lory knew that he had problems and had to first sort out his own affairs. So she left him and continued to live her own life. Only shortly before the birth could the father accept the situation. They reunited and experienced the birth of their son Conor together in August, 1986.

Blissful times followed in their home in the English countryside.

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