Police officer received his lunch from a pregnant waitress, he leave a message to the bill and it made her to tears.

If you’ve been a waitress, you know how hard it is and pain on your body and how hard you have to work for tips.

When you’re almost Giving birth, and trying to do this very demanding job.

Courtney English, 23 years old, is expecting her first child. She’s still working for the preparation for her birth.

As she gets ready for her Birth, she needs to work hard just to pay her bills in hospital.

She serves the local police while carrying her child while working her shift and smiling normally.

Courtney is moved to tears by what he writes on his $8.75 bill.

Before giving birth to her daughter, a hardworking waitress tries to save as much money as she can.

Courtney’s father, Brian Cadigan, said, “She’s a tough little girl.”

Courtney saw a new face on her busy Friday:a local police officer in Voorhees County.

She served the officer at lunch with her usual smile, and they talked casually.

He finished his meal, paid, and then left the restaurant.

His bill was $8.75 at the check. However, he did not simply leave a regular tip as payment. The headlines all over the country focused on what he wrote on the bill.

The Voorhees Police wrote: “Enjoy ur 1st, you will never forget it” In addition, for the $8.75 check, he left her a $100 tip.

It came from the heart. It really worked for her ” said dad Brian. “There were a lot of situations where she got a nice tip, but that was just a little note that she got.”