Police Release Powerful Footage of Fatal Crash That Will Make You Never Want to Text and Drive

“No family should ever be lost to a mobile phone.” Texting and driving is no joke and the moment that you take your eyes off of the road, in one quick split-second it can turn fatal. One truck driver learned this horrific lesson when he tragically killed a family in an instant.

In an effort to warn drivers of the countless dangers of texting behind the wheel, police have released some powerful footage. In the jolting video, a truck driver was changing the music on his phone when he ploughed into stationary traffic.

The driver, Tomasz Kroker, was reportedly jailed for 10 years for causing the deaths of Tracy Houghton, 45, sons Ethan, 13, and Joshua, 11, and her partner’s daughter Aimee Goldsmith, also 11. Additionally, Kroker was banned from driving for seven years, but no sentence or punishment can bring that beloved family back. Please share this video with your loved ones who drive…

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