Portugese groom’s interpretation of “Hallelujah” gives the whole internet goosebumps

Listening to a great singer is always a treat – but what makes it even more special is when that singer is performing at a wedding. When I hear a singer pour their heart into even an ordinary song at a wedding, I just melt.

But in the clip below, the groom didn’t serenade his bride with just any song. He chose to sing “Hallelujah.”

Leonard Cohen’s amazing classic has been performed by countless singers over the years. But this time, the groom sing “Hallelujah” not in English, but in Portugese.

I can understand why the bride, her bridesmaids, and many of the wedding guests can’t hold back the tears. This really is a song that suits all occasions, whether happy or sad. And the fact that this version is sung at a wedding, in Portugese, makes it even more sentimental and beautiful.

As soon as the groom starts singing, I feel goosebumps all over my body. But what happens next is something that no one is prepared for – or at least not the bride. This is just so beautiful. Listen and enjoy!

What incredibly beautiful interpretation of this amazing song. Do not hesitate to share the article if you also thought this version was beautiful.

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