Pregnant Ashley Iaconetti Floored By Pregnancy Acne

“I’m planning on getting off the pill in August. I got on the pill nine years ago to help control my cystic acne. After reading up, I understand now that the pill is a bandaid for acne. Once I get off my skin will most likely rage as I have an underlying hormonal imbalance that causes the deep pimples,” she said on Instagram at the time.

“I’ve been taking spironolactone for 8 years, which wiped out the acne that still lingered after being on the pill,” she continued. “This is another hormone regulator that I’ll have to stop while pregnant or trying to get pregnant.”

She continued, saying: “I know it sounds vain, but I’m really dreading these symptoms because I know how much it’s going to affect my self-esteem. Before these drugs, I never wanted to leave the house or make eye contact with people because of the dozen boulders around my chin,” she shared.