Pregnant teen asks boyfriend if he’s going to dump her – his answer brings her to tears

Finding out you’re going to become a parent is one of the most life changing moments in anyone’s life. I’m sure anyone who’s experienced it will agree. But for expectant moms and dads who haven’t left school yet, it probably creates mixed feelings.

Taking care of a little one while you’re still growing up is a daunting task. Most teenagers aren’t cut out to handle this kind of situation, but some of them step up to the role and suprise everyone around them.

This is the story of Caitlin Fladager – a girl who found out she was pregnant when she was still a teenager. Here she is pictured with her boyfriend Noah.

Caitlin and her boyfriend Noah were young and in love. One thing led to another, and suddenly Caitlin discovered that she was expecting a child.

She was terrified.

The adults in her life assured her from the beginning that they would support her. She was worried and felt completely alone in a suddenly adult world. Then people started telling her that Noah would leave her as soon as the child was born.

Caitlin wanted to hear it from him, so she confronted her boyfriend. She was angry with him. Not for anything he had done, but for what she thought he was going to do: leave her alone with the baby.

Noah, who was probably a little mad over her accusations, answered:

You’ll have to wait and see…


But Caitlin didn’t have to wait long to find out. The couple’s daughter Arianna soon arrived.

Noah was there, involved in every aspect of parenthood. He was the best possible dad to his little girl.

After a while he had a question for Caitlin: “Will you marry me?”

Caitlin shared her family’s story in a Twitter post, which has received thousands of likes.

She writes:

“My husband was only 17 when I got pregnant with our daughter and I was told to expect him to leave. 4 years ago, when I asked him how he would be different than any other teen dad, he said ‘I guess you’ll have to wait and see so I can show you’. He definitely did.”

It seems as though the little family has a carefree life together, but they have to work through day-to-day problems like anyone else. Caitlin battles anxiety and regularly writes on social media about her experiences. She writes about how lucky she is to have Noah by her side, as a young mom battling anxiety.

Noah is there for her. He’s there for their young daughter Arianna, who’s grown up quite a bit now. And of course, he’s there for Arianna’s little brother, Jack.

I think these parents are great role models! Although so many people told Caitlin that things wouldn’t work out for her, she’s found a happy ending after all!

It’s these kind of inspiring stories that I want to see more of. There’s so much evil out in the world, seeing a happy story every now and then really lifts my spirits.

This is clearly a strong family. They also prove that anyone can take responsibility and become a loving parent, regardless of age. These young people have really shown what it means to be grown ups.

Nobody is perfect, but Caitlin and Noah have found strength: both within themselves, and also in their children. I think we could all learn from them.

The most important thing of all? Never judge a book by it’s cover …

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