Princess Diana’s photographer says she’d be “Heartbroken” by William and Harry’s rift

No matter your opinion on the British royal family, few can deny that Prince William and Harry aren’t inspirational characters who have made their mother, the late Diana, Princess of Wales, proud.

And yet recent speculation suggests the brothers are headed down different roads. Harry even actually said they were bound for “different paths”, a point solidified by the fact that he and Meghan Markle have stepped down from official royal duties.

The rumor-mill says that Harry’s decision left notable members of the royal family, not least the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William “hurt” and living with “disappointment”.

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Now, Jayne Fincher, a royal photographer who watched the boys grow up with Diana, said the late princess “would be heartbroken” with how things have played out.

Speaking to Page Six, Fincher, who took some of Princess Diana’s most iconic shots, said: “[Diana] would be doing everything she could to try and solve it. She’d be doing everything to be the peacemaker. She’d be shaking the boy’s heads together saying, ‘For goodness sake. What’s going on here?’ and I think she’d be trying to make peace between the girls, too.”

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Indeed, it’s been two decades since Diana’s death, but her compassion and love for the world lives on. What’s more, her charitable and inspiring attitude has been passed down to William and Harry, who have appeared inseparable over the years.

Conflicting reports state that the brothers are still estranged, with others suggesting they’re trying to fix things between themselves.

It’s difficult to see what the future holds for Diana’s two sons, but we can only hope that they patch things up and continue her great work through their own actions.

I know Princess Diana is watching her two boys and hoping that they set aside any differences they have. They’ve been through so much together and it is truly difficult to think of them at odds.

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