Racist Mom Refuses To Accept Her Daughters Dating Black Men And Says She Would Die Alone But Not Date A Black Man

My babies won’t be listening to that black rap crap, I want the handsome white professional son in laws for my daughters. This is how this racist mother responded to the question regarding her response to her daughters dating black men.

Casey, the mom is not simply able to accept the fact that her daughters are dating black men. Casey has been known to hate black people and the funny thing is her both daughters fell for black men, while one daughter is also pregnant and is expecting her first baby in few months.

While Casey admits, that both the guys John, and James are great blokes and they always treat her with respect and care. Even though if she is being racist or harsh to them, they will still try to communicate with her.

John who is dating Casey’s eldest daughter Ashley has one kid with her and that’s not it but he also provides for Ashley’s other 3 children from past relationships.

Both the daughters Ashley and Cynthia have made it clear that are very happy in their relationships and they have no intention of leaving their partners.

Watch the complete video below.

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