Ray arrived at his residence during the evening.

After a tiring day at work, Ray returned home one evening, slipped into bed next to his slumbering spouse, and quickly drifted into a profound sleep.

Before the entrance of the divine gates, he regained consciousness, and St. Peter declared, “Ray, you passed away peacefully in your sleep.”

Ray was taken aback. “Am I really dead? No, it can’t be! I have so much to experience. Please, let me return!”

Expressing regret, St. Peter conveyed, “I apologize, but the only means of returning is by assuming the form of a chicken.”

Ray felt utterly devastated, yet he pleaded with St. Peter to transport him to a farm located close to his residence.

Before he could comprehend the situation, he found himself adorned in feathers, making clucking sounds, and pecking at the ground.

A rooster casually approached, remarking, “Ah, so you’re the fresh addition to our henhouse. How’s your initial experience been so far?”

Ray, the hen, responded, “It’s been alright, but there’s this peculiar sensation building up inside me, as if I’m about to burst!”

The rooster clarified, “That’s because you’re ovulating. Don’t tell me you’ve never laid an egg before?”

Ray expressed, “I have never experienced that before.”

The rooster reassured, “Well, simply unwind and allow it to occur. It’s not a significant matter.”

He followed the advice and after a few awkward moments, an egg emerged!

Overwhelmed with emotions, he embraced the profound experience of becoming a mother.

His excitement was great as he soon lay another egg.

He heard a hit on the back of his head and felt it just as he was about to deposit his third egg.

“Ray, get up! You shit on the mattress!”

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