Real Happiness, Husband as a Best Friend

Happiness is having a husband who is also your best friend.

Must be pretty lucky to have such a caring hubby and wonderful friend all in one package ❤️  A husband or wife should always be a best friend to one another and always have each others backs.

You are without a doubt my best friend as well. If we were the million dollar winners of a lottery!.  I’d want to spend Every Possible Second with you!. I love you so much to the moon and back!.  Happiness is knowing who you are and knowing what you can do for yourself. 

Marriage is, indeed, all about the simple things. How you remind each other to take your vitamins. How you patiently wait until she finishes dressing up. How you respect and trust him with his decisions even if sometimes, they don’t make sense. How you choose to laugh at each other’s embarassing moments. How you both commit to always pray, protect, and root for each other.

So cheers to all those simple things that brought us to our big moments. Those simple things that helped us build the love we want. And yes, to all singles. It’s true. With the right person, the waiting will always be worth it.

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