Rebuild Cartilage and Ligaments Using This Best Natural Drink

As we grow old, the body becomes more and more prone to pains and new aches. Instead of asking medical help and advice, a lot of people decide to endure the pain, which leads to even greater pain and worsening of the symptoms. Therefore, having strong joints is of utmost importance for our health.

Factors that contribute to knee pain

Joint pain might indicate some severe health issues, such as:

Osteoarthritis – It’s the most common arthritis type. It may occur in each body part, but it in most cases it affects the joints in the hips, hands, knee, and spine. Those who suffer from knee pain need to consult their doctor in order to confirm whether the pain is caused by osteoarthritis.

Injury – If there is an injury in certain body part, you are more likely to suffer from the pain symptoms even after the healing period. Post-traumatic arthritis, a form of arthritis that appears as a result of joint injury, affects approximately 5 million Americans.

Vitamin D Deficiency – Vitamin D keeps is extremely important nutrient which keep your teeth and bones healthy. At the same time, it balances the calcium levels in the blood and regulates phosphorus.

Lack of vitamin D causes brittle bones and weak muscles. Other symptoms of vitamin D deficiency include bone pain, tooth decay,fractured pelvis and hip, and hearing loss. Regardless of the pain’s root cause, gelatin will reduce the pain and at the same time, strengthen the cartilage around the joints.

Gelatin Can be Used as a Strength-Builder

Gelatin provides numerous health benefits, that’s why it’s commonly used in almost each meal in the hospitals. Gelatin is made from the boiled water of the animal skin, bones, and cartilage in order to extract the collagen, a material which connects the bones, skin, and animal’s muscle. When processed, it becomes gelatin. It consists of 98% protein and amino acids. Moreover, gelatin can improve joint pain and it’s extremely beneficial for people that strive to strengthen their joint cartilage. It can be found in a form of powder or pill.

Different types of powdered gelatin and collagen:

Gelatin Powder – The one which is mostly used in recipes. It can be in flavored or unflavored variety.

Collagen Powder –  It’s mostly used for mixing cold and hot drinks. Because its easiness for mixture, it can be used as a supplement for cooking.

Marine Collagen – It’s similar to collagen powder. But, marine collagen is made of bones, skin, and cartilage of marine animals. It is recommended for people avoiding pork or beef.

When buying gelatin powder, be very careful with:

The country from where it comes from – the best one is from the nearest countries.

The place where it was sourced – The animals have to be free range and grass-fed

The pasture’s quality – Don’t buy pastures which are treated with pesticides and chemicals

Natural Recipe to strengthen joints and rebuild cartilage

Luckily, the following recipe for a drink will provide you with the greatest gelatin benefits. In order to prepare it, you will need:

1 cup of oatmeal

1 tsp. of cinnamon powder

2 tsp. of gelatin powder (unflavored)

1 cup of orange juice (natural and freshly squeezed)

8 oz. of crushed almonds

1 tsp. of honey

8 oz. of water

(For 2 servings)


Put the oatmeal to boil for 10 minutes and then let them cool down. Then, add the crushed almonds, orange juice, cinnamon powder, honey, and the gelatin powder. Put everything in a blender and mix until you get a smoothie. Drink  1 glass of it in the morning and store the rest in a glass-lid container in the fridge. Drink the 2nd glass after lunch. Keep doing this for 15 days.


Keep it stored in a glass-lid container in the fridge. Always shake it before drinking it.


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