Remote Trail Camera Catches ‘Ghost Girl’ Playing In The Forrest, Freaks Out Entire Town

We all want to believe that death is not the end, and that when the curtain falls and we draw our final, rattling breath, that we don’t completely cease of exist in any form at all. I’ve always been uncertain about what happens to us after death. Mostly I’m quite cynical, and think that there’s a good chance that there’s no heaven, no hell, no pearly gates or lake of fire. I worry that all we have to look forward to when our hearts stop pounding is the prospect of becoming worm food.

… And yet I just can’t come to terms with that idea fully. Something inside of me refuses to believe that we just expire and turn into compost. There must be something that lingers on, some presence that binds the people we love to the world, so they persist as more than just a memory.

Even in 2017, we want to believe that there are spirits out there, and that the dead never truly leave us. Rather than science eliminating a belief in the supernatural, the opposite has happened, and we’re arguably more fascinated by ghosts than ever before, and the internet has only made it easier for ghosthunters around the globe to share their experiences, as well as footage of spectral encounters.

The latest spooky sighting might just be the most terrifying yet, and as a result of what might well be a serious haunting, an atmosphere of fear and paranoia has now gripped the small town of Cambridge in New York state, after a picture was taken in the nearby woods which appeared to show a poltergeist in the forest.

Local landowners in Cambridge had allegedly set up a camera in the woods in order to record native wildlife for a hunting trip, when it managed to take a grainy snapshot of what looked like a grey-faced child dancing in the woods. The picture has been circulating on social media, and the creepy picture had apparently managed to disturb a number of residents living nearby. A local legend suggests that the identity of the girl could be that of a child that was killed playing on train-tracks in the 1970’s.

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