Remove All Toxins From the Body in 3 Days: A Method That Prevents Cancer and Removes Excess Water!

By now, we are all aware of the negative impact that unhealthy, processed foods has on our health.  Unfortunately, not everyone takes the matters in their hands and turns to healthier dietary choices. Even more, many people are simply not familiar with the signs their body shows when it is in need of a detox. So, here you have the most common signs indicating that you need to flush out toxins from your body:

  • Constant fatigue ( it could be a response to hormone disruptors)
  • Stubborn weight gain ( if you are cutting down on calories and exercising regularly, but still do not manage to lose weight, it is very likely that toxic load is to blame)
  • Bad breath ( it indicates that the liver is trying hard to get rid of the toxins on its own)
  • Constipation ( often accompanied with headaches, pains, and tiredness)
  • Sensitivity to scents
  • Muscle pain
  • Skin issues like acne or rashes

The 3-day cleansing method presented in this article helps detoxify the body and reduce unhealthy cravings at the same time.

Two days prior the treatment, you need to eliminate dairy products from your diet.  These products are difficult to the digest and the lungs need to be cleansed from the toxic waste found in them.

This cleansing method cleanses the intestines from detrimental toxins, which may lead to constipation.  To avoid this, you should have a cup of herbal laxative tea the night prior the treatment.

In the morning, have a glass of lemon water made of half a cup of water and fresh juice of two lemons. Lemon water acts as potent alkaline agent which stimulates the regenerative process of the lungs.

After having a breakfast, drink 1.5 cups of water, pineapple juice, or grapefruit juice.  Both pineapple and grapefruit juice are high in antioxidant content which proper function of the digestive tract.  In the period between the breakfast and lunch, have a cup of carrot juice. Carrots are abundant in beta-carotene, which increases the bioavailability of vitamin A in the body.

Then, prepare a potassium-rich beverage by juicing carrots, sea greens, celery, parsley, and spinach.  Potassium supports detoxification, especially when taken in liquid form. Drink 1.5 cups of this drink.

Drink a cup of pure Noni juice an hour before having dinner.  This juice acts as potent mucus-cleansing agent and positive affects the function of the respiratory tract. It also provides a wide plethora of additional health benefits, which mostly come from its immense antioxidant potential.

Before bedtime, drink 340 ml of pure cranberry juice which is high in antioxidants which kill of bacteria in the lungs and purify both the blood and the urine.

Repeat the same procedure for the next two days! This simple 3-day cleansing method removes toxic waste, fat, and water, cleanses the lungs, and detoxifies the entire body.

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