Repurpose old picture frames by following these 7 DIYs

If you’ve ever wondered what to do with all your old picture frames when you make a big change to your home decor, I’ve found the solution!
There are tons of cool DIYs you can make with old picture frames, especially if you have a few of them to work with. Get inspired by these awesome ideas!
1. Picture frame terrarium 
I love terrariums so much, especially when they’re handmade like this one! It looks like a mini greenhouse — what kind of plants would you put inside it?
2. Framed planter 
I would have never thought of framing my hanging planters, but it’s such a cool idea! The only challenge is finding a frame that’s big enough… other than that, this is such an easy project.
3. Table centerpiece 
Using an old frame as a table centerpiece is such a good idea! There are so many options here — this project would be easy to customize with your favorite colors and patterns.
4. DIY cork boards 
This brings a whole new meaning to the idea of a cork board! Start saving your old wine corks now — you’re going to need quite a few of them for this project.
5. File cabinet upgrade
Old photo frames can also be transformed into pretty molding with a fresh coat of paint. I would have never guessed that these started out as cheap filing cabinets!
6. Tablet holder and charging station 
I definitely need one of these tablet holders and charging stations in my kitchen — it looks so useful! This would be such a great gift for your friend who’s always making recipes she finds online.
7. End table
This project upcycles two things at once — it’s made out of a photo frame and an old lamp base! The frame is simply glued to the lamp base, so this is a table you can make even if you don’t have any woodworking skills.

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