Research Finds Popular Nut Reduces Cholesterol Better Than Statins!

Doctors often prescribe statins for those who suffer from high cholesterol. While statins are effective at lowering cholesterol levels, they’re also linked to many adverse health issues, including muscle pain, digestive problems, memory loss, confusion and liver damage. Researchers have recently discovered a safer and more natural way to reduce cholesterol levels, and this method doesn’t come with any harmful side effects.

Study Finds Brazil Nuts Can Lower Cholesterol Levels

Better Than Statins

Researchers gave ten men and women a single meal containing zero, one, four or eight Brazil nuts. They found that just a single serving improved cholesterol levels almost immediately. Just nine hours after ingesting the nuts, the participants saw a significantly lower level of LDL cholesterol levels. Statins take around four days to have a significant effect on cholesterol levels.

One month after the participants ate the Brazil nuts, researchers measured their cholesterol levels again. They found that their cholesterol levels were still down, 30 days later after eating a single serving of nuts.

Researchers found something else interesting. Four nuts seemed to work faster than eight nuts when it came to boosting good cholesterol and lowering bad cholesterol. The results suggest that just four Brazil nuts may be able to improve LDL and HDL levels for up to 30 days.

Brazil nuts contain selenium, so eating four a day might be too much for the body. But eating just four a month might prove more to be more effective than statins at helping patients manage high cholesterol levels, and certainly safer.

Watch the video below for more information on using nuts to reduce cholesterol levels:

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