Restaurant Owner Bans Customers Who Wear Saggy Pants. Do You Support Him? Yes Or No?

In Charlotte, North Carolina, a restaurant owner posted a sign at the front of his Japanese restaurant that has made many people curious.

Although the sign has been up for three years, it was recently replaced with a larger version that more people are starting to notice. So much so, they keep sharing images of it on social media every day.

The sign on the front door of Kabuto Japanese Steakhouse and Sushi Bar off WT Harris Boulevard says:

“Take your hood down.
Pull your pants up.
Finish your phone conversation.
Marijuana smell not allowed.
We will be glad to assist you.”

Many think it’s great while others think it’s outrageous!

“It’s actually the best response we’ve ever had,” restaurant owner Martin Tanaka said. “More people think that more places should do it.”

Since Tanaka’s restaurant offers hibachi-style seating, patrons often share tables with strangers. He wants his customers to be respectful toward each other.

He added the marijuana smell to the sign because as recent as last week, customers have complained about it from other patrons.

“We have to turn them out because we don’t like that in our establishment,” he said.

Some people have interpreted the sign as racist.

“It looks like they are trying to say something about some kind of race,” said one nearby resident who refused to share their identity.

Others are happy about the sign.

“I mean, it is his restaurant and he chooses whatever he wants to put up,” customer Sinai Hernandez said. “It’s like if I wanted to put up rules in my house.”

Tanaka says the sign has nothing to do with race and he always gives offenders a second chance. But if they don’t fix the problem, he politely asks them to leave.
There is nothing racist about the sign.I support the owner 100 per cent.I hate eating next to someone smelly.The sagging pants and hoodie I could live with.I also immensely dislike people talking on the phone at my dinner/lunch table
I agree! Saggy pants looks so gross! And some people do not smoke cigarettes or marijuana so the smell bothers them! And phone conversations should end when you are out for dinner! No one wants to hear your conversation!

America was a “free” nation at once, but not anymore. Personally, I beleive in a free country you should be able to DESCRIMINATE (not always a bad word) for any… I say ANY reason!!! It’s your store or place of business, anyone who doesn’t like how you descriminate can boycott your place and go somewhere else. I’m fine with the government rewarding what they perceive as proper behavior, but don’t believe they have any right to punish people who don’t. If I want to bake cakes for only people over six feet tall and from Texas, that’s my business and nobody elses!

Do you support this business owner in his choice to serve or deny anyone he please? Share your thoughts below

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