How To Root An Already Cut Rose and Make It Bloom With This Fabulous Trick

If someone special has given you a beautiful rose, and you would like to keep it alive forever, this trick is for you! Today we teach you how to root a cut rose , in the simplest and most practical way, with this fabulous gardening trick.

Look how to root a cut rose , to make it bloom, and never lose it.

How to root a cut rose with this fabulous trick

Surely more than once you’ve wondered how to root a cut rose. With this spectacular method, you’ll be able to do it the easy way.

This is a fairly quick gardening trick, for which you will need just a few basic elements, which you already have in your garden.

If you want to know how to root a cut rose , to keep your beautiful flower alive forever, follow this fabulous trick step by step.

You will need:

-A potato
-The stem of a rose
-A plastic bottle
-A knife
-A flower pot


Once you’ve got everything you need, proceed as follows:

1.Take the knife, and make a hole in the middle of the potato.
2.Insert the rose stem into the hole made.
3.Put the soil in the pot, and leave a space in the middle, to place the potato there, with the stem up.
4.Cut the bottle into its base, so you can insert it into the stem.
5.For a whole week, water the earth every day.
6.After the set time, the stem will have begun to cast its first leaves, and you will only have to wait for the flowers to be born.

This is a hundred percent effective trick, for all who seek to know how to root a cut rose , to make it bloom.

With this fantastic method, you can make beautiful roses in your garden.