Say Goodbye To Mosquitoes In Your Yard FOREVER, 7 Plants That Will Protect Your Family.

With the summer months fast approaching, many of us are getting the bug spray and citronella candles ready. Mosquitoes can invade your lawn and home in a matter of hours, and you’ll be forced to wait out the days indoors – but not anymore!

With these helpful plants, you’ll be able to enjoy your time outside and get the most out of these few magical months.

Lemon Thyme

Lemon thyme is one of the plants that’s a big hit with humans but not such much with pests like mosquitoes. The smells keeps the bites at bay, and will leave your home or yard smelling wonderful!

Be sure to plant lemon thyme in dry areas with lots of sunlight so it can really thrive!

Citronella Grass

This solution comes as no surprise to those of us who try candles, spray and sticks to keep away mosquitoes in the summer! Citronella is a main ingredient in many forms of repellent, but now you can save yourself some time and money by planting this in your yard.

The smell of the grass will keep mosquitoes away and you’ll be able to enjoy time outside without bathing in repellent.


Even though basil taste great in meals and smells wonderful planted around our homes, mosquitoes tend to think differently! Simply place a few basil plants near your entryways and living spaces – soon you’ll be able to enjoy a pest-free home.


Fresh mint is perfect for ice cream, tea and smoothies, but it’s also perfect for warding away mosquitoes. Avoid planting mint in your garden – it grows rapidly and can steal precious nutrients away from your other plant. Instead, trying growing mint in smaller individual pots all over your home.


Although bees are attracted to lavender, mosquitoes absolutely detest it! Plant lavender in your yard for a fragrant, gorgeous setting that free of the annoying blood-suckers!

Lemon Balm

Like mint, lemon balm is a powerful mosquito deterrent! It grows quickly which means you get faster relief and it come back year after year.


Catnip is a great addition to your garden and it will help ward off pesky mosquitoes while you’re outside. Not only will bug bites be a thing of the past, but your cat will be thrilled as well!

Learn how to make your own all-natural mosquito repellent below!


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