School Bans ‘The Lord’s Prayer’, So Students Interrupt Ceremony And Sing It Anyway

Students of East Liverpool High School were asked to remove the Lord’s prayer, a tradition that had been a part of every graduation for over seven decades, but it wasn’t going to happen this year and the students made sure of that. The change took place when the Freedom from Religion Foundation demanded the school to stop their choir from doing the Lord’s Prayer at future programs. The school authority didn’t fight for their rights and implemented the change. The school president Larry Walton said that they ‘got caught’ and didn’t want any legal issues so they just agreed. “It was a decision made because we don’t have a lot of money and we’d rather hire teachers than pay lawyers,” the president said.

According to Cami Post, the vice president of class 2016, they were’t going to sing the Lord’s prayer at the ceremony but turned out they had other plans. Watch the video for more information.

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