Science-Based Steps to Lose Weight Fast

If over these past years you’ve gained some extra pounds and if you’ve decided to get rid of them, you’re in the right place. Before adopting a new diet plan, it’s always crucial to do some research. Choosing the right method will lead to a positive outcome in a short amount of time.

Choosing the Right Diet

Very often, people adopt the first diet plan they come across and end up being disappointed because there is no change in their weight. In order for a diet to provide results, you need to pick a weight loss method which is scientifically backed up. With this in mind, below, we’ve prepared efficient weight loss steps that you should adhere to if you want to burn fat and lose weight.

Weight Loss Steps

  • Reduce sugar and starch– these two ingredients increase the production of insulin in the body so it’s crucial to eliminate them completely or to reduce their intake to a minimum. Insulin is known to encourage the fat-storing hormone in the body. When you avoid these two ingredients, insulin gets released and burns out the stored fat instead of the carbs. People have reported losing up to 10 pounds in the first week without sugar and starch.
  • Eat foods rich in protein– foods rich in protein encourage the growth of lean muscles and provide metabolic benefits for the body which increase the chances of weight loss. According to the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the group which was on higher protein diet had a higher ability to lose weight than the high carb group, even though both groups took the same level of calories. Namely, foods that have protein control the blood sugar level much better than foods that are rich in carbs. They also lower the feeling of hunger and thus, make it easier for you to maintain a balanced diet. Protein-rich foods also take need more time to be digested than foods rich in carbs.

Foods rich in protein are: fish and seafood, meat, eggs, broccoli, spinach, sprouts, lettuce, cucumber, celery, and cauliflower.

  • High-intensity training- according to researchers, after comparing two types of exercises, i.e. high intensity training and moderate intensity training, they found that former offered better results than the latter. This potent exercising will not only help you burn fat while doing it, but you will begin burning fat while sleeping. It’s also better for building lean muscles and becoming stronger.
  • Quality sleep– it’s scientifically proven that for optimal weight loss we need to get enough sleep. Believe it or not, sleep quality has its role in speeding up the quality of the weight loss. People who are not getting enough hours of sleep daily have higher risk of insulin resistance, i.e. the body will be more prone to stress.
  • Stay away from FAD diets- these diets promise quick weight loss, but usually through an unhealthy diet. If the diet you want to adopt has some of these aspects, you need to stay away from it:

-it excludes protein

-it focuses more on supplement products

-claims to provide fast results

-too-good-to-be-true testimonials by clients

  • Avoid scam diets– to spot a fake diet, look for these signs: too expensive, proofs only with before and after photos, overly-promoted, and obligation to buy proprietary products.
  • Rely on science-backed diets- when you adopt a diet, make sure you choose a diet that includes both diet guidelines and workout, relies on unprocessed foods like veggies, fruits, and whole grains, includes an exercising plan comprised of stretching, resistance training, and aerobics, and diets with actual results published in medicinal journals.

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