Seven homework questions from kids that confuse adults.

Some moms and dads posted their kids’ homework, which puzzled them. Luckily, helpful folks on Reddit and Twitter chimed in with advice.

As you get older, schoolwork becomes more challenging. But sometimes, even kids get tough assignments.

When this happens, some moms and dads ask the online community for help with their kids’ questions. They often share these on Reddit and Twitter.

Grade 1 English

A mom got confused by her first-grade son’s English homework. He had to circle pictures with the same ending sound as a fish’s fin. But the options, like a hamburger bun, a frog, a jar lid, and a spoon, didn’t match the picture.

On Reddit, some people gave advice to the confused mom. They said the ending sound didn’t have to rhyme with “fin.” Some suggested words like bun and spoon, both ending with an “n.”

Kindergarten School Work

Usually, kindergarten homework questions are simple with adult help. But one parent struggled to find a three-letter word for a picture on the sheet showing a rabbit with her playing bunnies.

Luckily, a helpful person on Reddit suggested a great answer: “pet.” They explained that these worksheets sometimes make the last question harder by changing the sound of the letter at the end to confuse the kid.

Grade 3 Math Problem

Usually, math problems for kids are simple, with all the numbers given. But a third-grade student had to figure out this question: “Janell had 15 marbles. She lost some. How many does Janell have now?”

On Reddit, someone said the answer was less than 15 but felt it was a bit hard for a third-grader. Others thought the answer could match the question, like “Janell lost her marbles,” or simply saying, “She has some left.”

A Six years old Homework

Some school tasks for six-year-olds involve pictures, but one student’s assignment left her parents puzzled. The sheet had a paint splatter and apples, asking,

“How many apples could the paint cover? Not more than 20.” Many Reddit users were also confused, with one thinking it might be a riddle.

Grade 1 Math

A person on Twitter posted a challenging math problem for first-graders in Singapore. While it seemed really hard, someone managed to solve it by adjusting the question a bit.

Another Math Problem

There’s another math question on Twitter causing confusion. It asks students to find the perimeter of a shape based on calculations from another rectangular shape.

Someone responded to the post with a complex answer and sarcastically commented, “Totally fair to ask a ten-year-old this.”

Solving for X

Math can be tricky, usually with one solution. Yet, this particular math problem was just too complicated for Twitter.

The question asked, “If 120 players take 40 minutes for Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, how long for 60 players? Let P be players and T be time.” Even though it’s complex, a person on Twitter responded:

“For this Beethoven 9 problem, the math doesn’t matter. As someone who has performed it a lot, the speed of the symphony doesn’t depend on the number of musicians.”

People often turn to Reddit for answers to their questions.

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