She lived on the street, but she didn’t ask for money.

Wanda Ritter, a woman who is 80 years old, has a sad but important story to tell.

Wanda has been without a home for nearly 16 years. She made an effort to persuade others that the government owed him daily $100,000. Everyone thought she was crazy as she walked down the street with three suitcases full of documents and unpaid checks.

Ritter was a locksmith and a mother to four children. She demonstrated that the Social Security System was failing her for years on the streets of Washington.


“I was crazy to get rid of the luggage,” according to them. “I told myself that if I did something stupid, people would think I was crazy.” She elaborated.

One day, social worker Julie Turner, 56 years of age, heard Ritter and realized that she was correct.
Wanda’s papers were in order when Turner checked them.

“She needed money assistance, not with mental health assistance.”Turner pointed out that she owed the government $100,000.

However, how did the woman comprehend the issue?
Ritter started receiving checks ranging from $300 to $900 each month. The woman decided not to cash the checks because she thought there was something wrong with them, so she returned them, and Ritter called Social Security to inquire about the discrepancies. If I had collected them and claimed that a mistake had been made, who would have believed me?”

Ritter told local reporters that she doesn’t know for sure yet but that she thinks it will be resolved once she gets the right control.

Ritter obtained a $500 apartment with the assistance of social worker Julie Turner.

A week after the news broke, Ritter got her first $1,644 check from Social Security.

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