She told me at the age of nine that she no longer needed her mother’s milk.”

The World Health Organization recommends breastfeeding exclusively until the child is two years old, after which it should be continued.

Naturally, some medical professionals’ opinions states that nursing can still be done even at this point, just like what the woman din in England. When her daughter was nine years old, she gave up.

In addition to providing the infant with nourishment, breastfeeding is the best way for promoting a mother-child bonding.

Sharon Spink said that she will miss the closeness she had with her daughter, Charlotte, who decided she no longer needed her mother’s breastmilk. She’s the only 9-year-old girl who has been breastfed.

“I decided to wean Charlotte naturally. In this regard, it is suggested that the child take the initiative instead of forcing everything.”

There are lots of criticism against Sharon’s decision to breastfeed her daughter until the age of nine. Aside from that, she has been accused of child abuse and sexual abuse, but she’s trying to disperse the negative thoughts related with nursing an older kid, like many mothers do.

“This year she quit on her own,” Sharron added. “She initiated the decision, and it took time for her to decide. About once a month or when she felt weak and low on energy, I breastfed her.”

She told me that on April next year by the age of 10, she will stop doing it; but apparently, the decision was made sooner than what I’ve expected. If she wants to continue, I will not hesitate to allow her.

Sharon claims that there are benefits in breasfeeding a child for a prolong period of time, because her daughter never had a cold or flu.

The mother stated that she had never considered stopping the practice with Charlotte and hoped that her daughter would feel the same comfortness and the securedness when breastfeeding in the future.

“We have a very strong bond and I believe it’s because of breastfeeding. Even though we stopped, it will never change.” The mother said.

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