She was brought to the Hospital by the Mother of a 1 year old Girl because it was obvious that her Health had Deteriorated.

The 1 year old girl’s mother brought her to the hospital because her health was clearly deteriorating.

The girl had severe meningitis, according to the doctors. The child’s kidneys soon failed, and while she was in a coma, she was artificially kept alive.

The young girl chances of survival were slim because she was only kept alive by machines. Jennifer, the girl’s mother, made the decision to give the organs she had to other children who needed them to live.

Jennifer then made preparations to bid the angel farewell. As she held her daughter in her arms, stroked her hair, and gave her a kiss on the forehead, she pondered how she would survive without her.

In the hope that she would hear me and comprehend, I tried to tell her how much I loved her. I felt pressured as I talked to her as if nothing had happened. It was absurd. I observed her cheeks turning red as I began to feel her warmth. She appeared to be a sleeping infant.”

“I laid down next to her and told her that I was proud of her because she had fought so hard and can now rest in peace. I was informed by the doctors that morning that she would pass away and that the machine would be turned off because she would never recover. So I tried, but it didn’t work, to convince myself that she was already dead and that only her body was there.”

Alice was lying on her bed when they all of a sudden cut everything. After administering morphine to her, they left me, and her father alone. I kissed her as I approached her. I had no idea how warm her body was to me. that she has died,” she declared.

Jennifer knew instinctively that her young daughter would survive. However, Alice survived, which is truly miraculous.

When the machine that was keeping her alive came to an end, she began breathing on her own. It was unbelievable to her parents that their daughter was still alive.