She’s Smiling Down on You From Heaven

 Somewhere in Heaven my lovely mom is smiling down on me. love you mother.

I sure do hope so. My Cute Mom be looking after everyone as she always did. Missing u alot.

I miss my mother. No one can replace her in my heart. It’s been many years and i will not forget you forever.

I remember her everyday.  Thank you for being there in my life. Forgive me for all my faults. I tried my best.

She is always smiling down on me each and every day! I Love You DEAR MOM So Very Much with all my Heart and even more and Miss You every moment of each day! AMEN 🙏 

We miss you every day it’s not the same with out you one day I will meet you in heaven mom love you ❤

How much I do wish my mother who is in heaven always wears smile on her face!