Shocking- A Juice Can Kill Cancer, Cure Diabetes And Level Hypertension!

Maybe you didn’t know potato (raw) can be a great cure.

Medicine and raw potatoes have been linked since history and still people think raw potatoes are unsafe.

Surprisingly, this is wrong. Raw potato juice is the best cure for many illnesses. Let’s say lowering hypertension, treating diabetes and cancer too!

First peel them before eating to remove dirt or toxins – this goes for green skin/sprouts potatoes.

A lot such articles on raw potato juice have been made by professionals.

John Lesindzer said this raw potato juice is the best cure for gastritis which often occurred in this 21st century. He said is best to consume 1 tbsp with a bit water before all 3 daily meals. For duodenal/stomach issues, sip 500 ml of this juice in the morning before a meal and again 500 ml 30 minutes before each daily meal.

Also, Dr. Kagamine a professor from Akita Medicine University in Japan, made a study on isolation in raw potatoes substances. This substance stopped tumor growth in mice and this was published in IC (International Congress) in Germany.

So, now this I used for kidney curing, heart, diabetes, hypertension and others.

This juice also improves immunity.

If you feel fatigue, drink this in the mornings and nights for 14 days. The health will be better.


  • Stops cancer
  • Detox
  • Cure for skin issues
  • Better immunity
  • Stops cardio issues
  • Resolves kidneys/liver issues
  • Less blood sugar

Also, this juice detoxifies the organism and gives it vitamins like C, B6, iron, magnesium, protein, potassium, etc. When cooked, potatoes lose the vitamin C.

We mentioned this juice is great for the skin. It stops acne and blackheads to form. The skin is better, cleaner, younger and doesn’t age fast. Clean and tightened too. This is also good for cellulite removal too; just rub potato slice on the thighs.


Wash the potatoes nicely and remove all sprouts, green parts and slice then. Wrap a cloth around the potato and squeeze the juice or use juicer.

Always consume fresh and for aroma add apples, honey or lemon.

2 cups of this daily reduces cancer chance and other issues.