A Single Leaf Of This Plant Turns Your Prostate Down and Eliminates Diabetes!

The medicine is very advanced that is able to treat a lot of diseases like prostate, although there are some that can be treated in a natural way, the problem is that very few people are informed regarding this

So in this article we are going to talk about a leaf that is very popular in natural medicine, due to its wonderful properties when it comes to treating all kinds of allergies, and other ailments such as hay fever and diabetes.

So read on to let us know how you can prepare it to get all its benefits.


Dr. Andrew Wiel MD author of Natural Health has said in one of his lectures, that he knows nothing more effective when it comes to treating any type of allergy, than the nettle. These statements have also been supported by studies conducted at the National School of Naturopathic Medicine in Portland, Oregon.

Commonly, drugs, decongestants, antihistamines and even vaccines that we use when dealing with any allergy, only superficially treat the condition, thus losing its effectiveness over time. In addition, many of these conventional medicines usually bring with your application a lot of side effects that can greatly affect our health.

The nettle, however, does not present any type of secondary effect after its application.


Just add one tablespoon of nettle leaves to one cup with 200 ml of hot water (not boiling but very hot). Cover the cup and let it sit for 5 minutes. Strain the preparation and drink in small sips.

In addition, you can add nettle leaves to your salads, soups, shakes, purees, fillings or whatever you want.

You can choose to also apply nettle leaves externally, when treating allergies, injuries, burns and all kinds of skin problems and prostate.

Some properties and benefits of nettle:

-Purify the blood
-Thanks to its diuretic properties, it helps eliminate all toxins and waste from the organism
-Contains antihistamine properties
-Prevents and combats kidney and urinary tract infections
-Increases the secretion of milk
-Help in the process of eliminating kidney stones
–Reduces blood sugar levels
-Combat dandruff and hair loss
-Vombate very well the symptoms of rheumatology and gout
-Contains powerful antibacterial properties
-Strengthens hair and nails
-Fight iron deficiency anemia
-Helps tone the kidneys and favors their functions
-Improves blood circulation
-Helps to rapidly eliminate mucus lodged in the airways
-Fight the hemorrhoids

Now that you know this information, do not hesitate to prepare your infusion and get all the benefits for prostate.