The well-known Russian physiotherapist Sergey Bubnovsky recommends soaking your feet in cold water and by doing so you will gain plenty of health advantages. Thanks to this procedure you will manage to boost your immunity and prevent the occurrence of many diseases.

Cold Water Feet Bath

For this type of feet soak you need to fill a basin with cold water and then place your feet in it and soak for 10 to 15 minutes. Afterwards, pull out your feet from the water and dry them completely. Once your feet are entirely dried, wear a pair of warm socks. Do this procedure every night before going to sleep. However, make sure to use cool water, not warm or hot in order for this treatment to work. Do this each night to make it more effective.

As afore mentioned this method will enhance your immunity and keep good body health as the body will get more resilient to the influence of viruses.

You can use this treatment even when you are having a flu or cold. According to Dr. Sergey Bubnovsky placing your feet in cold water will provide your body with stronger immunity thus making your body to heal faster. He also advises feet baths with cold water every 4 hours for quicker healing.

Even if it seems unbelievable to you, this treatment with cold water will speed up the healing process.

What this foot bath does to your body?

As per the beliefs of the traditional Chinese medicine the feet are connected to various body organs, and therefore the cold feet soak is extremely beneficial for the health as it activates the blood circulation in the area.

Likewise, the same effect has the foot massage and because of that it is very popular due to the fact that they offer many health benefits. The most popularly used technique is the foot reflexology.

Foot Reflexology

Reflexology is a technique which involves the use of slight pressure on certain reflex areas of the feet thereby supporting the self-healing process of the body. This alternative medical treatment is based on the principle that the foot is comprised of different spots connected to the body organs via several nerve endings.

So, the massage of the whole foot or using pressure on specific foot points will assist in lowering stress and tension, alleviate pain in several parts of the body like the head, back, or joints, plus it will ease sleep disturbances, better the circulation and enhance body energy levels.

If you struggle with headaches, then we suggest the use acupressure which will soothe your pain without the need of any drugs. Massage that lasts for 10 to 15 minutes at night will help you to alleviate the pain and relax your body.

Cleanse Your Body from the Contaminants Through Your Feet

You can easily flush out all the toxins from your body by using the following trick, and in order to perform it you will need an onion, plastic film and a pair of socks. The onion is a potent ingredient with strong antibacterial properties which will boost the blood circulation thereby successfully absorbing the buildup toxins in the body.

Here it is what you need to do:

Slice the onion and place the pieces on the soles of your feet and then secure them by wrapping a plastic film on your feet. After that put on your warm socks, and let them stay during the night. In the morning remove the plastic film along with the onions and wash your feet.

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