Soldier returns home and visits school, now keep your eye on stepdaughter when he walks in the room

Family isn’t always about blood.

Often, the people who play the most important part in our lives are the ones who show us they truly want to be in it. When we accept someone into our family, it’s because they’ve proved that they deserve to be there.

If anyone has any doubt of the love that can exist between a child and a step parent, you just need to show them this clip.

It’s such a heart warming moment, I just had to share it with you…

This stepdad has just returned home from deployment – but not everyone in the family is aware!

The clip starts with the camera man explaining their plan, and you can’t help but feel the excitement as they stride down the school corridor.

“Hey guys, we’re surprising my sister,” the camerman explains, and continues:

“Stepdad came home so we’re about to go into the cafeteria to surprise them.”

As the group – including a teacher who has helped to organize the surprise – enters the cafeteria, they scan to crowd to try and spot the young girl.

But they’re not quite fast enough… Before they know it, the girl has jumped up and comes running towards her stepdad!

The two share a tearful reunion. The stepdad has even brought flowers and balloons to make the surprise just a little bit sweeter!

At the end of the clip, the stepdad decides to sign his daughter out of school so they can spend some long overdue time together.

I’m so moved by the love between these two. When someone is able to step into a parenting role and create this much of a bond, you know they’re a very special person. I have so much respect for this dad!

See the heart warming reunion for yourself below!

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