Some Interesting Facts About Pets

Unlike humans and other primates, dogs do not like to cuddle, they perceive such actions as a sign of domination. For the same reason, a dog that puts a paw on the owner does not only make a friendly gesture but also pretends to be superior to a person.

Dogs have a phenomenal scent – thanks to a wet nose they quickly determine the direction of the smell, in the water, the odorous substances are better dissolving. Dogs are so sensitive that they can notice changes in the composition of human sweat before an epileptic seizure or with an increase in blood sugar. They try to draw the attention of the patient to these signs because the dogs are also very smart. Their intelligence corresponds to the mind of a 2-year-old child, an ordinary dog understands about 250 words.

The lives of dogs and people have always been closely related. Pekingese, now considered a decorative breed, were bred in ancient China for personal protection. They were worn in the wide arms of important nobles. To Pekinese externally approached the wardrobe, they were taken out the appropriate color.

An interesting fact is that pets contain not only people, as previously thought. In Saudi Arabia, a herd of baboons has discovered that kidnap puppies and grow them, like humans. In exchange for food, the dogs guard the flock, especially the defenseless cubs, from wild dogs.

Popular pets – cats, have several amazing features regarding nutrition. Contrary to stereotypes, they cannot be milked with milk – in most adult animals, congenital lactose intolerance. It can lead to problems with digestion and diarrhea. Cats do not feel sweet taste because of a genetic mutation. But they are able to drink sea water due to the unique arrangement of the kidneys.

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Goldfish in the aquarium, although absolutely silent pets, but far from stupid and primitive. They have good hearing and vision, unlike people, they see in the ultraviolet and infrared spectrum and therefore do not like to stay in the dark. Their memory is also much longer than 5 seconds – they can analyze and learn various forms of behavior. That is, they can be trained.

A few interesting facts about unusual pets – turtles. The bony shell of these reptiles has nerve endings – the pet feels touching. In connection with the desert past, turtles have a perfect digestive system, tuned for additional water absorption. When it becomes small, the animal generally ceases to excrete the liquid, removing only the waste – urate, in the form of a white, mushy powder. Land turtles can not swim, but they can hold their breath for a long time. This talent is due to the need to exhale to hide his head in the shell.

All the fun about pets

We collected all the fun about pets, including exotic ones, to show the diversity of the living world. Chinchilla is famous for its fur – the softest in the world. However, with danger or stress, she is ready to part with a piece of fur – it’s a protective mechanism, like throwing a tail out of a lizard. Fur eventually grows back.

Have you ever teased a horse? We hope not. Scientists have found out that horses have developed intelligence and very good memory. In this, they can be compared with elephants. Those who treat them well, they remember all their lives, but they will never forget their grievances or their bad habits.

It is worth knowing about the dangers threatening animals in dealing with people. A simple chocolate can kill a cat, dog, and parrot, as in its composition there is theobromine – a substance contained in cocoa, which the animal organism processes very slowly. Just one tile of black chocolate contains a deadly dose for animals

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