Some mean bullies laughed when the quiet kid got on stage, and then the music started.

The bullies laughed when the quiet kid went on stage, but watch what happened when the music began.

Some folks are born to perform in front of large audiences. Many top entertainers had to go through tough practice sessions to feel as comfortable on stage as they seem to the audience.

Even some highly regarded performers still get nervous before a show, just like they did in their high school talent shows.

Brett Nichols still feels nervous when he has to perform in front of people, even though he looks older. Despite being a teenager, his dance moves resemble Michael Jackson so much that you might think he’s the reincarnation.

Though he hasn’t made it big in entertainment yet, one talent show performance inspired many to follow Brett’s lead and chase their dreams.

Because everyone sees Brett as quiet and shy, they are surprised when he confidently takes the stage, almost like he had a private session with the King of Pop. It’s as if Brett had a special class with Jackson, learning his moves and picking his brain.

But, as it turns out, Brett never had a chance to sit with Jackson. He learned the dance moves through lots of hard practice and dedication.

Because Brett is known as shy at school, his classmates were surprised to see him walking across the stage for the talent show. Yet, once the music started, the audience could tell they were in for a treat.

People won’t attempt a Michael Jackson song unless they’re really good at what they do, and the audience knew that.

The most inspiring thing about Brett’s performance is his personality. Despite being seen as one of the “shy ones” at school, he proves that shyness can be overcome.

This performance is like Brett transforming from a shy caterpillar into a beautiful butterfly. His friends notice the change, and that’s why this video has become so inspirational.

If Brett can face the challenge, anyone else hiding their talent due to shyness or insecurity can do it too.

During the performance, Brett left a big impression on both the audience and the judges. It’s no surprise that he ended up winning first place in the talent show.

Because Brett did a great job at the talent show in Turlock, California, he got the chance to dance for his fans on NBC, CNN, and ABC’s The View.

Brett has been hired by Michael Jackson cover bands to join them on tour. He’s a total hit.

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