Someone who doesn’t appreciate and respect you

Believe in yourself, stay true to yourself, they will soon tíre of it.

Even if someone told you a bad story about me there was a time I was Good to those people but they won’t tell you that part of my life story.

Praise God keep your head up high when the enemy have eyes to see and can’t understand your Blessing they come like the monkey and the 🍇 and when they have hands and can’t stop your Blessings they come like misery looking for company.

Losing someone who doesn’t respect or appreciate you is actually a gain, not a loss.

What hs been said is all true. We need not to be affected instead let us take it as good example they talk about us, and for them to see that our past hs greatly change our life. Be not offended, it true our maistakes we learned and which turn us good in the end.

How real and genuine truth is ~ honesty is the best policy. Reguardless of the issue~ always be real and real honest at that !!

God is good no matter what they  said to u , just let them be.. Be good person as u can ,so ur in a stress free as well! Amen

Let them talk behind our back. They think they’re perfect. They will get fed up. Actually they’re JEALOUS people.

Being honest of what you feel is the best policy, never mind what other people think, just be careful whom your trusted too..

Woman sees frightened girl being abducted – pretends to be her mom to scare kidnapper away