Here is How Spices You Use Daily Can Help You Lose Weight

Spices are not herbs in nature rather they are seed, root, fruit or a plant production which is used in the kitchen on daily basis. The taste of spices is varied area to area and region to region according to the environment and taste of people. The Europeans do not like many spicy foods while Asians consume more spices than the whole world consumes. The spices have their own ingrained qualities and taste bestowed by nature and the people love to eat spicy foods and enjoy.

The food is the basic need of human being and without eating, no one can think of living in this world. Interestingly, some people live for eating and consequently, they observe a belly goes beyond the chest and make them worry. They started thinking to lose weight but mostly they are not willing to give up their diet. Some people prefer to exercise and burn few hundred calories a day while taking thousands of calories in their diet. Thus they cannot lose weight through the only exercise because a balanced diet is a necessity in losing weight. Though you can eat everything but an universal law is that the accession of everything is bad.

There are many things which can help you out to lose your weight but for your surprise, a balanced use of spices can also help you to lose your weight. People who love spicy food and to give up is not easy, they can continue to eat in a disciplined way and control their weight. It is a fact about spices that it set your tongue crazy but capsaicin, found in chilli can burn your belly fats, reduce appetite and enhance the ability of thermogenesis to burn more food as energy. Besides chillies, there are some other spices which can burn fats in the same way.

If someone makes a plan to eat plain food to lose weight and burn fats, he should not ignore spices and herbs which can make this process fast. In addition to all, spices provide flavour to food and make the process fast implies that it is a two-way process. There are some spices which can set your metabolism work fast like Turmeric, Cinnamon, Cayenne, Cumin, Black Pepper etc.


Turmeric is a bright yellow coloured spice which burns your calories and fats in a continuous process if regularly added to the diet. A research was done at Tufts University in 2009 in which they give a certain amount of Turmeric to mice and observed a significant burning of fats as compared to others which took regular diet without Turmeric. It shows the practicability of curcumin, an active extraction of Turmeric that it can be helpful in losing weight. In the process, the body gets heated and consequently, it boosts the metabolism to burn calories resulted in losing weight.


Cayenne is considered to be a warm spice in a bad way and one can only experience its severity after taking too much of it. Being warm spice, it increases the body temperature which automatically boosts metabolism to do its work, burn calories and fats. As long as the body gets warm, metabolism would work fast as compared to normal temperature. The regular use of Cayenne in food can burn 100 calories per meal. You can use cayenne with eggs, nuts and soup for an extra kick.

Black Pepper

In order to lose weight, black pepper works in a two-way, at first place, it stops calories and fats to be produced and on second, it burns them if the quantity and regularity are added. It is an old observation that black pepper was used to be as a medicine in the medical field. It is considered a ‘zero belly boxer’ as burns fats rapidly as any other spice can burn. It enhances the process of adipogenesis which decreases the size of waist and belly reduces cholesterol levels. You just add black pepper in your every meal, you will observe losing pants within a short period of time. It can be used as a seed and powder as well in soups, cooked meal, traditional foods like yoghurt and cheese.


Cumin is a spice found in the shape of the seed and mostly used without grinding. It also keeps body temperature high to boost metabolism but its pace is three times faster than any other spice. Just one tablespoon of cumin to your every meal can give you surprising results and your waist would be thankful to you for using it because it boosts the energy of metabolism to work fast and maintain its working for a long time. It is medically proved that metabolism works better when body temperature is high and almost all the spices rise body temperature. It can be used in soups, fried rice, cooked meal, bread and baked items.


Cinnamon is medically recognised a heat producer and recommended to use in winters. It causes the rise in temperature of the body and keeps it warm for a long time. Cinnamon burns fats and calories after adding a little amount of Cinnamon. It provides a large variety of foods in which it can be used. It is to be noted that it can be used in both shapes like grinding and without grinding. In addition, to burn calories, it reduces the level of cholesterol and maintains blood sugar level which gives capacity to metabolism to burn more fats in a short time. It is used in marinades, in tea (without grinding), fried rice, yogurt and cheese.


All the above mentioned spices are common and of daily use and easily available in market. Thought they seem simple but their benefits and working results are not common. All the spices work in their own way but the need is to use these spices for getting good results regularly. Wishing you all the best!! Look smart, live smart!!

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