If you spot this on your skin, you could have cancer. Here are eight ways your body can warn you.

Cancer, in all its forms, is a devastating illness. In 2016, the United States government estimated 1,685,210 Americans would be diagnosed with it. Some types of cancer do not present any obvious symptoms, but there are other signs you can watch out for. Here are eight bodily changes that you shouldn’t ignore. The sooner the illness is detected, the better the chances of successful treatment.

1. Frequent wounds and lesions

Having frequent wounds and lesions can be an indication of several types of cancer, including skin, mouth or genital cancer. On top of this, some skin conditions can lead to specific cancers. People suffering from psoriasis are more likely to develop a rare form of cancer than the rest of the population.

2. Your stools look different, urinating causes a burning sensation

If you often have diarrhea or digestive problems, it can be an indication of colon cancer. If urinating is painful, with a burning feeling, this could be a sign of prostate or bladder cancer.

adult man with diarrhea painful sitting toilet seat

3. Moles or freckles change in appearance

This should be taken very seriously. Moles that change shape, getting wider or thicker, and that are also painful, are a warning sign that should never be ignored. You should immediately go to a dermatologist to have your mole removed, and watch closely for any infections.

4. You notice any unusual bleeding

If any blood appears in your urine or stools, or when you cough, see a doctor as soon as possible.

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