If you spot this weed in your yard, don’t kill it. Here’s why

Nothing is more annoying than having weeds pop up in the garden you’ve worked so hard on — but there’s one weed that you might want to let flourish. It could be the superfood you never knew you were looking for.

This common weed is called purslane; it has hidden health benefits that many people have no idea about.

Instead of pulling and tossing this weed, you might want to consider harvesting it instead. The health benefits associated with this weed can save you trips to the doctor and the pharmacy.

Purslane isn’t only edible, but it contains more nutrition than the greens and vegetables you’re eating now. By quite a significant amount, too.

Many weeds are edible but none are as rich with nutrients than purslane — chances are it’s in your backyard right now.

This succulent weed is bursting with vitamins and minerals which are essential for overall health and well-being. Purslane has high amounts of calcium and iron which are great for keeping your bones strong.

Its seeds are super strong and can create a plant that can live up to 25 years. It’s no wonder this miracle weed does wonders for your immune system. It’s truly a secret superfood.

Purslane has seven times the beta-carotene than carrots, six times more vitamin E than spinach, and fourteen times more Omega 3 fatty acids.


These extra vitamins and minerals are perfect for preventing cancer, stroke, and heart disease. It’s even been shown to help sufferers of insomnia.

This weed is so common that you most likely won’t need to plant it because it grows freely throughout the U.S., initially brought from India. You might want to consider letting it grow and harvesting before it encroaches on other plants or veggies.

Try it as a replacement to your normal leafy greens or use it as an addition to salads.

It has a pleasant lemony taste with a nice crispy crunch. It’s commonly found in foods in the Mediterranean and also Mexico. It’s a perfect way to add some more nutrition to your diet.

As if the benefits couldn’t get any better, purslane has also been shown to naturally reduce the risk of developmental disorders in children, like autism and ADHD.

Instead of looking at weeding your garden like a chore, now you can think of it as harvesting! All while maintaining your garden at the same time. It’s a win-win!

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