Sprinkle This Spice Around Your Home & You Will Never See Another Ant Again!

Ants can be annoying and difficult to repel, as they keep appearing, especially in the pantry.

Most commercial products are not effective, and cause numerous adverse effects like nausea, headaches, and rashes, and endanger your wellbeing.

On the other hand, there is a perfectly natural and safe way to keep ants away from your home– cinnamon!

Ants are actually confused by cinnamon, as it affects their primary means of communication, pheromone trails. Namely, their smell guides ants to various spots through the use of distinctive-smelling, elaborate trails.

They have potent ability to smell different scents undetectable to humans, and the cinnamon aroma is just too much for them.

You should just sprinkle some cinnamon powder all around the places where ants usually appear, like the windows, cracks, doors, garbage cans, kitchen, etc.

You can also dip a Q-tip in some cinnamon essential oil, and draw a line across the doorways and cracks in your home to keep ants away.

The video below will show you this method in action:



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